Real Estate Success Tips: It’s Okay to Make a Lowball Offer!

“It makes us look, swindlers, rather than real estate investors.”

This is the opinion of most real estate investment professionals when they’re asked about their thoughts on lowball offers.

Maybe they’re right, too.

Let’s say you list your house on the open market and someone comes in and bids 40% or less of your asking price. How will you feel? Frustrated for sure.

Sellers, especially those who work with realtors, can easily get offended by a lowball offer; they think they’re being disrespected.

This is exactly why you should stay away from these types of sellers…

Smart and successful real estate investors never (or very rarely) go after a property that has a realtor’s name on it.

Their reasoning is simple:

When a seller makes the effort and goes through the trouble of hiring a realtor to sell their home the conventional way, it’s quite clear that they care. They expect reasonable bids. And can you blame them?

So when you prepare a lowball offer, you don’t target homeowners who list their properties with realtors; instead, you look at the segment of the society that doesn’t care.

sold house

People Who Don’t Care

Now, what do we mean by when we say target sellers who don’t care?

There are homeowners out there who want to just sell their house. They might think it’s cursed. They’re probably moving to a new city and could be looking for a quick sale. They might live abroad and have had enough of managing their vacant homes.

For these types of sellers, the value is not in the money which they get from the sale, but it’s in the alleviation of pain.

They care less about the monetary value of the sale; they care more about finding a solution to their problem through the sale.

And by buying their property, you are able to help them and eliminate their problems.

So, while a lowball offer may not be right for every property, by no means should it be considered derogatory.

It’s okay to make a lowball offer. And a successful real estate investor is one who knows how to nail a lowball offer.

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