House Rendering: A Growing Trend Among Prospective Homeowners

Rendering is the new buzzword among prospective homeowners in the Aussie land. More and more people in the country are opting for renders to coat the exterior walls on their new home.

Previously, the use of renders in Australia was only limited to remodelling projects, where they were used to restore existing homes, affected by years of weathering and crumbling brickwork.

In the last few years, however, the use of these products has extended beyond old properties, and they are now fast becoming a mainstream finish option for new builds as well.

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So, what’s driving prospective homeowners after rendering?

Benefits of Rendering for New Homes

First and foremost, compared to cladding and brickwork, the two most widely used finish options for new homes out there, rendering is less expensive, less labour-intensive and less time-consuming.

This makes it a more practical option for construction projects.

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Second, renders come in a variety of colours and textures.

With render, you can dress up your house in any way you may like and give it an attractive, pleasing and sparkling finish.

Cladding and brickwork don’t offer this level of customization.

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Third, rendering makes your walls thicker. And greater thickness for you walls means greater protection.

Walls coated with render are highly durable. They can competitively fend off harsh weather conditions and can stand strong for years.

In fact, a render system itself can last for 15 years or more, so you can only imagine the boost it can give to your new walls.

And that’s not even all…

Rendering also adds insulation to your new home walls. This insulation, when paired with an external insulation system, can significantly increase your home’s energy savings and reduce your energy bills.

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So to summarize, rendering makes new homes:

  • more affordable
  • attractive,
  • more solid, and
  • more energy efficient

If you’re building a new house in Adelaide and are interested in getting it rendered, contact House Rendering HQ today.

About House Rendering HQ

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House Rendering HQ is a premium rendering company in Adelaide, providing quality and affordable rendering services to home and business owners. The company specializes in cement and acrylic renders. The company also offers easy financing to clients for their re-modelling projects. For more details call 1800 466 373 or email at

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