Garage Demolition 101: What You Need to Know

Back in 2013, Health Canada warned homeowners of a lurking cancer threat in their homes in the form of attached garages. According to the organization, this was the site where chemical benzene found in car exhaust would accumulate in, slowly seeping inside their homes. Not only would this recognized carcinogen act as an indoor air pollutant, but it also increases the risk of leukemia significantly.

Now while these warnings were refuted and experts implied that attached garages weren’t that big of a deal to worry about, this hasn’t stopped Canadian homeowners from outgrowing garages.  In fact, more and more homeowners have opted for a demolition of their garage space over the last couple of years.

Here’s what you need to know about garage demolition.

Garage Demolition

Location Matters!

One of the first things to consider for your demolition project is the overall cost. This typically depends on the location of the garage on your property.

For example, if your garage is close to other structures, it’ll be more difficult to remove it. This is likely to affect the cost of garage demolition as the process will be a level trickier.

…And So Does Complexity

Moreover, if your garage is closely attached to a concrete slab, the demolition process becomes more complicated. In order to preserve the integrity of your home, demolition experts will have to be extra careful in how they go about the task. This, too, is likely to increase the cost of the project.

Another thing that may add to the complexity of your project is the electrical wiring. If your garage is wired for electricity, you’ll need to have the wires disconnected or even removed. In short, the simpler the project is, i.e. the fewer the complexities involved, the less it will cost for your garage to be demolished.
Demolition process

You’ll Probably Need A Permit First

Before you get started with your garage demolition project, make sure you’ve obtained a permit. This is mostly a requirement for demolition projects for both residential and commercial spaces. That said, there are cases where you may not need a permit.

Our advice: it’s better to be safe than sorry! Find out if you need a permit for demolishing your garage and how much it will cost, and get one for your project ASAP! Your demolition contractor can assist you with this.

Speaking of demolition contractors, make sure you hire a professional demolition service for the job!

The Junk Guys in Edmonton can help you with this. Call them at (780) 695-4226 for more details about their work.

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