Forms of Vandalism, and What the Insurance Implications Are

When it comes to homeowners insurance, the first thought that comes to mind is protection from thefts and floods. It rarely ever crosses your mind that it should and it does also cover acts of vandalism.

As reported by a 2008 estimate, graffiti vandalism cost taxpayers in US $25 billion in damages to public and private property. The problem is greater than a bunch of rowdy teenagers wreaking havoc across the city; it’s about protecting property because owners’ investment is at stake.

While most property insurance policies cover such damages to property, you need to assess some caveats that apply to you in the event of vandalism. Property owners are reimbursed for the damages if their property was insured but it’s still important to know situations that make you eligible for it.

Cases that Classify as Vandalism

That said, it’s important to understand the correct definition of vandalism. It’s not limited to graffiti on the walls or spray-painted text or pictures. It includes several other instances of damage to property such as egging the exteriors, gluing locks, clogging plumbing pipes, arson, cutting trees, breaking lights or slashing tires. This is not an exhaustive list but it gives you a fair idea of the kind of vandalism that homeowner insurance covers.

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Potential Targets

Once you know what classifies as vandalism, it’s important to secure your property as best as you can. You need to ensure that your house is not in harm’s way by becoming a potential target. This is why an important thing to note is that vacant homes are at greater risk of getting vandalized.

That raises the question, whether it’s even safe to travel away from home. Does that mean homeowners can no longer be away for vacations? The maximum number of days that you can safely stay away from home is a month. The longer your house stays vacant, the greater the threat of vandalism.

4 Ways Of Preventing Vandalism

  1. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to visit your house or park their car in your driveway, in your absence.
  2. If your property has been sold, it’s important to put up a sign displaying the status such as do not disturb occupants,
  3. Set your interior lights at intermittent timers so that outsiders remain under the impression that it’s occupied.
  4. Make sure that your mailbox is checked frequently because that’s a telltale sign that

Now that you know the perils of abandoning or evacuating your property, it’s important that you approach the right insurance providers.

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