What Makes You Eligible For a Discount on a Homeowners Insurance Policy

If you haven’t gotten an insurance policy for your house, it’s time you do that now. You need to secure your property and valuables with a policy that can offer maximum coverage. This will ensure that in case of a perilous event, you’ll have something to fall back on.

That said, it’s also important to state that homeowners insurance is a luxury many can’t afford. However, security is your basic right and we don’t want to put a price tag on it. There are ways to making this luxury attainable and affordable for everybody. And insurance discounts are one of them.

But in order to be eligible for discounts, there’s a particular criterion that you need to meet.

1.     Bundle Your Auto and Property Insurance Policies

A good way to lure insurance companies into discounting their rates is to avail more than one policy. If only policyholders bundle up their auto and homeowners insurances, they can easily make a case for a discount.

However, it’s important to note that your discounts will vary depending on your claims history, state, home and car. Bear this in mind before asking for a discount.

2.     Install Impact-Resistant Roof

In the event of environmental hazards such as hailstorms and thunder storms, there can be severe damage to your roof. This can be a costly liability for your insurance provider.

You want to present your case as a desirable policyholder so that the company is eager to support you. Installing impact-proof roofing materials reduces the risk of accidents and hence, fewer repair costs. This is a winning strategy to seek discounts.

3.     Improve Credit Score

The insurance provider will examine your credit score before deciding premium payments and important terms.

Your credit score depends on the debt you carry, utilization of credit, and urgency of repayment. However your score remains unaffected by considerable debts such as mortgage. It’s possible to improve your score by repaying your loans as quickly as possible.

4.     Install Smoke Alarms

At most residences, smoke alarms are forgotten once installed. This is why some smoke alarm companies collaborate with insurance companies so that the alarms are updated regularly. If your smoke alarm system works consistently and efficiently, your insurance company will also be keen on offering discounts.

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