Win the Business Race — How Small Businesses Can Beat the Competition

Have you ever wondered how big names like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos made it big? They all had a business idea that no one ever considered! Above all, the three of them remain steadfast, even when the tide was against them.

Your business idea could also be among the top-selling stocks on the NYSE, but only if you employ the right strategies and remain focused.

Here are a few tips:

The customer is the boss

The key to being successful in your business is to know what the consumer wants, and then responding to this desire.

This is fairly easy to understand; whether you’re running a sole proprietorship, a non-profit organization, or an e-commerce business, you’ve got bills to pay!

If you don’t have a solid revenue stream, you can neither pay your employees nor source raw materials. In most cases, this source of revenue is the consumer.

To stay on top of the competition, you need to be aware of changing consumer needs and stay abreast of those changes.

Make sure you have several avenues where customers can interact with you. To gain deeper insights into consumer purchase behavior and preferences, you can conduct focus group discussions, float information-filled emails, and communicate in-store.

Make sure you’re offering some incentives so customers are genuinely interested in giving honest feedback.

Don’t chase the competition

This may sound absurd. But in 2020, it’s no longer about chasing the competition and doing what everyone else is doing. Try to create an uncontested marketplace instead; make the competition irrelevant by following a blue ocean strategy.

The blue ocean is a modern marketing strategy that pushes firms to focus on value innovation that is not known to competitors. It is more of a mindset that helps businesspeople reconstruct their boundaries and explore new ideas.

Don’t hesitate to innovate and bring in new ideas. Look at Starbucks, for example. At a time when most coffee shops were busy selling coffee, Starbucks brought in the notion of selling an experience.

Risk-averse individuals never make great businesspeople. But if you’re pushing boundaries, make sure you take risks—as long as they’re controlled and quantified.

Have multiple financing sources

A great businessperson is always aware of contingencies and is well-prepared to deal with them. Other than pitching in your capital, make sure you have alternative sources of funding to save the day if things don’t go as planned.

For businesses that are still in their startup phase, asset-based lending works as a great option. Such loans are usually secured by collateral and aren’t too focused on the borrower’s credit history.

Asset-based loans are also great options for businesses because the interest rates are comparatively lower and often negotiable. Since the lender is not a financial institution or a bank, you can always sit down with them and discuss the terms and conditions of the loan.

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