Revamping Your Driveway: What to Do About Concrete Cracks

Concrete Cracks

Cracks in a driveway are a menace for a couple of reasons; they make driving and parking troublesome, they cause dips in property resale value, and above all, they lead to frequent repair expenses.

The best way to deal with cracks in a driveway is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. You can do so by making sure you don’t move heavy equipment over it, for one.

If it’s already too late, though, don’t fret! We’re here to help you out.

Why do driveways crack?

Cracks usually form in asphalt driveways due to improper installation or undue pressure—such as from a heavy piece of equipment or due to an earthquake. Cracks are also likely to appear as driveways age.

Other than these factors, a driveway’s structural integrity is also compromised by excess moisture and sun damage. Excess exposure to sunlight can heat up a driveway, while also drying it out. This breaks down the components of the asphalt, making it more susceptible to breaking down.

When it comes to moisture, it plays a role both above and below the driveway. Underneath the driveway, it seeps in from sand and gravel. On the surface, rainwater and snow-melt can seep into the driveway to form cracks.

Snow-melt can also aggravate cracks by freezing the ground. When temperatures increase and the ground thaws, the gravel in the driveway also shifts.

Drive-way cracks

What can you do?

Here are a couple of ways you can overcome driveways cracks and address the issue:

  1. The best course of action is largely dependent on the depth of the cracks. If a crack is small—less than ¼ inches wide—you can easily repair it with the help of a liquid filler or concrete caulk.
    However, if the cracks are wide, you’ll have to get them sealed and patched with concrete patches. These patches have a texture that’s similar to grout and are smoothed so they blend well with the rest of the area.
  2. If the driveway is damaged beyond repair and the structure has weakened too much, you might have to get it replaced altogether. You’ll have to shell out money for a total driveway replacement if the driveway cracked and was repaired in the past or if the cracks are more than 2 inches deep.

    For this, you’ll have to plan a driveway demolition first. Before getting to the task, make sure you have a junk removal plan in action to get rid of any debris that accumulates after the process is over.

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