The Relationship Between Climate Change and Florida Flood Insurance

An increasing number of regions are finding themselves under sea level. And as sea levels rise, extreme weather conditions and other climatic changes intensify the threat this poses.

For regions like Florida, climate change is a huge matter of concern because of its unique geographical features. As the world warms up, Florida is expected to experience more floods than ever on an annual basis.

Floods have disastrous effects throughout the United States. And with growing global warming, flood plains around the country are expected to grow by 45% by 2021. Florida is no different.

Why Is Flood Insurance Important For the Residents Of Florida?

Florida is known for its tropical and cool all-year climate. However, it’s also known for its floods, given that it’s a coastal region. For the residents of Florida, floods are like what rain is to Hawaii—a routine with disastrous outcomes.


If you live in Florida, your house is susceptible to flood damage—even if you live in a low-flood risk zone. Currently there are 2.1 million flood insurance policies in Florida; however, this is only 13% of the Floridian population.

The rest of the population—11 million in total—has no guarantee that any damage to their home and property will be covered in case of flooding.

How Is Climate Change Influencing Flood Insurance Hikes In Florida?

Out of the 5.5 million policies enacted by the National Flood Insurance Program across the United States, 1.77 million of them are held in Florida. So the state is central when it comes to the program.

Given its location and frequent weather-related incidents, Florida will continue to hold the title of the world’s most insured and susceptible-to-catastrophe market. And changing climatic conditions will only increase the need for protection against financial risk in case of frequent flooding.

Flood insurance works as a financial protective layer against disasters that are caused by floods. Experts believe that the reason that most of Florida hasn’t gotten flood insurance is that they believe they can gamble and save themselves in the event of a flood disaster.

However—even as insurance premiums rise by 5% every year—acquiring a flood insurance policy is still the most viable option if you want to secure your property and your personal belongings.

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