Basement Clean-out Tips from the Pros

Basement Clean-outA cleanout project might only mean getting rid of useless things by tossing them away into the trash. However, contributing to the ever-increasing landfills isn’t an ideal option. If you plan your cleanout thoroughly, you can find ways to reuse or repurpose some of the “junk.”

It may be better to hire a junk removal service to deal with the years of mess, especially if you’ve been using your basement as a storage unit. But, if you think you can pull it off on your own, here are some pro basement cleanout tips for your help.

Break It up Into Sections

Your basement may be divided into several spaces, depending on its size. It’s normal if you feel tempted to just cleanout the entire space in one go; however, this might not be the most practical approach. A good rule of thumb is to make a list of all spaces and start off with one. For instance, if your basement is sectioned into a laundry area, living room, storage room, etc.; you can start with de-cluttering your laundry area and then move on to the next spot on your list.

Don’t Rush It

If you don’t want to get exhausted too quickly, make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the task. Your basement is home to months or years of clutter and rushing it will only add to your frustration.

Follow The Two year Rule

The Four-Box Technique

Humans tend grow affection toward their belongings over time and it’s completely okay if you find it difficult to let go of a few things. But, if you really want to give your basement a new look, you need to ask yourself this one important question: Have I used this thing in the past two years for any purpose whatsoever?

If the answer is a “No,” it’s time to bid farewell to that item. Take our word for  it; if you haven’t used something in two years, chances are, you won’t use it at all.

The Four-Box Technique

As Joshua Becker suggests in his article on Becoming Minimalist, the four-box method is the way to go for de-cluttering spaces. To begin with, grab 4 boxes and label each one as: Junk, Give Away, Keep, and Relocate. Put every item in your basement into one of these boxes and don’t leave any. This may be a time consuming method, but it will help you determine the exact place and significance of each item in your basement.

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