Driving Mistakes That Can Raise Your Car Insurance Premiums

Transportation is one of the greatest expenses in every American household. And hikes in car insurance premiums don’t help.

Yes, you need car insurance, but paying high premiums is avoidable. More often than not, high premiums are the result of mistakes on the part of the policyholder. If there’s a repeat pattern, your insurer will have no choice but to increase your premiums.

The following are some mistakes that will lead to hikes in your auto insurance premiums:

Repeat Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are one of the most common reasons for premiums going up. Several traffic violations imply that you may not be the best driver out there. Running red lights, careless driving, and speeding are all traffic violations that can increase insurance premiums. The smartest and simplest way to avoid earning a traffic ticket is to follow all traffic rules at all times.


At-Fault Accidents

While auto insurance premiums are designed to protect you in case of an accident, things are different when you are at-fault in a car collision.

Most car accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted while driving, or by those who fail to obey the traffic laws. The culprit is either you or another driver.

If you’re the guilty party, your insurance rates will go up. Moreover, you run the risk of your driving license being suspended for an indefinite period.

Failing To Shop Around

Shopping around for car insurance should be on top of your to-do list, and you should do it at least twice a year. When people avoid shopping around for better insurance rates and policies, they might dig a hole for themselves with regard to extravagant premiums.

Not Reviewing the Insurance Policy

Your auto insurance policy needs to shift and change according to changes in your life. If you don’t catch up on every clause in your insurance policy, you might miss out on a discount that you deserve and have worked for over the years.

Moreover, if you’ve had a ticket in the past, you need to be aware of when it will be expunged.

The author is a regular contributor from Manatee Insurance Services Inc., an insurance brokerage service company based in Florida. If you’d like to know more about their auto insurance services, head on over to their website to get a free auto insurance quote in Bradenton.

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