The Hottest Commercial Real Estate Markets in Texas: 2020 Edition

Over the years, the Texas commercial real estate industry is considered as a top choice for investors to put their money with confidence. In fact, it contributed $54.15 billion to the state’s GDP last year, the highest of any other state.

Here are some of the hottest commercial real estate markets in Texas that you should know:


Dallas is one of the profitable and sought-after commercial real estate markets in Texas. Over the last few years, the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the nation has been a prime target for companies that look to expand their operations or relocate.

The business-friendly environment, coupled with a low cost of living for employees, makes it an ideal city for most companies. Moreover, the relaxed business regulations serve as a low barrier of entry and allow businesses to settle in without much hassle.

With an average median household income of $79,893 and an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent, Dallas ticks the most boxes for an ideal CRE market. You can put your money with confidence and expect to earn solid rental income as well as enjoy steady capital appreciation.

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Houston is a commercial real estate superpower in the Lone Star State. The Bayou City boasts a growing local economy, an excellent job market, and a thriving job market, which makes it one of the hottest commercial real estate markets in Texas.

Some of the biggest companies, including the likes of Amazon, FedEx, PepsiCo, Siemens, and The Home Depot, have their offices established in Houston. From agriculture to manufacturing, the city has a diversified industry hub, which makes it a great CRE market.

Office buildings and multi-family commercial properties, in particular, have proven to be quite profitable in the Houston area. As the city’s economic outlook looks very promising in the upcoming years, it continues to remain a top choice for CRE investors.

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Fort Worth

The emerging trend of shifting offices to cities with low cost of living, skilled workforce and favorable business laws have resulted in an uptick in CRE construction in Fort Worth. The city is one of the top real estate construction markets in the country.

The ever-expanding and growing Texas city is a great investment option for commercial real estate investors, especially those looking to invest in office spaces and multi-family commercial homes as millennials are flogging in the city looking for job opportunities.

Home to top companies like American Airlines, Fort Worth is an ideal choice for businesses to relocate with confidence. As long as Pantherville continues to attract talent and companies, the profits from investing in CRE properties will follow.

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