5 Ways to Upgrade Home Security In Light of the COVID-19 Lockdown

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As lockdown restrictions ease across several U.S. states, people have gradually begun to piece their lives back together.

However, the process has proven to be more challenging than expected for most Americans.

While the number of home invasions dropped to an all-time low during the lockdown, numbers have begun to climb in light of the eased lockdown restrictions. From a recent violent home invasion in Illinois to a brutal break-in in Utah, home invasion and burglary rates have been on the rise.

As the landscape becomes more tumultuous, ensuring residential safety and security is a priority for residents in California, Texas, and Arizona.

That’s why we’ve rounded up five ways to upgrade home security to help you get started.

1. Invest in a High-Quality Iron Front Door or Steel Front Door

If you’ve been making do with a low-quality front door for years, it may be time to upgrade to a durable, ultra-secure, and fully-functional iron front door or steel front door.

As two of the most high-quality materials that are used to engineer front doors, steel and iron ensure longevity, optimal functionality, and reduce the risk of a potential break-in.

Opt for a heavy-duty wrought iron entry door or steel entry door to secure your home. The sleek finishing will help you increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your property as an added bonus.

Here’s some inspiration to help you get started!

2. Opt for a State-of-the-Art Home Security System


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Opting for a state-of-the-art home security system is a great way to increase overall safety and security.

Carefully analyze the control panel, response time, door and window sensors, motion sensors, and additional features to ensure you select the right fit for your home.

We suggest incorporating a cutting-edge home security system into a heavy-duty steel French door or steel Dutch door to reap the benefits of unparalleled security and versatility.

3. Opt for Durable and Secure Black Steel Windows


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While selecting the right entry door goes a long way in enhancing home security, opting for high-quality, durable, and secure windows are equally important.

Indulge in black steel windows or factory-style steel windows to deter intruders. Instead of perceiving your property as an easy target, they’re more likely to feel intimidated by the bold and firm framework and finishing.

The gorgeous contemporary and minimalist exterior will complement your property by adding a touch of luxurious sophistication, thereby making your home appear more enlivening and inviting.

4. Select the Right Door Locks and Handles


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Investing in advanced door lock technology is one of the most effective ways to upgrade home security without breaking the bank.

Opt for high-quality door locks and handles to grant authorized access to people and keep your property off limits to unscrupulous actors.

The innovative lock technology and mechanism will not only increase security, but will also make authorized residential access more convenient, feasible, and hassle-free.

 5. Consider Installing Custom Steel Doors or Custom Iron Doors for Enhanced Safety and Security

Can’t seem to find the right entry door for your property?

If design, features, or finishing is holding you back, you may want to look into installing custom steel doors or custom iron doors.

These options are perfect for homeowners who want a fresh design that offers safety and security, with no compromises. Opting for customized doors is a great way to amplify home security by handpicking the best features based on your preferences.

With over 42 years of experience, Pinky’s Iron Doors is a leading door design and manufacturing company in the U.S.

While the company is known for its high-quality affordable iron doors and steel doors, they also offer an extensive selection of steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors, and steel pivot doors.

Browse through their collection to find secure, aesthetically pleasing, and premium entry doors for your home.

For more information, call 844-843-6677.

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