What Affects the Price of Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance can prove to be extremely vital at times of uncertainty. You never know when tragedy hits and so, it is important to always be prepared just in case. Before looking for such insurance, though, you must understand that there are various factors that contribute to the price of homeowner’s insurance policies.

It is essential to know the ins and outs of home insurance because it can protect you when you need it most. The need for such insurance has only progressed with time– the latest study of 2017 has displayed that within the US, 25,300,000 people have suffered unintentional home injuries. This calls for an even stronger need for home insurance. However, before deciding on such a crucial matter, here are some factors that influence the pricing of your insurance.


Where your home is located is one of the prime factors when it comes to the insurance rate. For instance, if your home happens to be near any body of water, you may require separate flood-insurance. This is especially important because of the prevalence of flooding in the Bradenton area.

Neighborhood Insurance

Similarly, the homes around yours will probably have a similar rate to the house in which you live. The neighborhood where your house is situated matters and is a deciding factor in what the price of your insurance may be. This could be a consequence of the existing crime rates or schooling that the neighborhood may offer. So, make sure to ask around!


Remodeling can also heavily influence the rates of your insurance. This is because remodeling leads to the value of your home to be increased. While you may view remodeling as a valid investment, the now-increased value of your home is consequently reflected in the pricing of your insurance. Therefore, think twice before deciding on making any changes like such.


This may sound incredibly odd, but even the pets you have could impact the price of your insurance. Some insurers make it a point to check if you have certain pets that would be more likely to, for instance, have a threatening bite. For instance, if the dog you have is considered as dangerous by your insurance company, you may have to literally pay the price. If so, be prepared to sign a liability waiver!

Having a home-based business

There is a possibility that your insurer may offer you an endorsement of sorts if you have a home-based business. However, this option is mostly limited to smaller-scale businesses but could result in additional property coverage or even some liability coverage if you’re lucky! It is also the case for some insurers to offer a specific policy catered to home-based businesses.

Your credit history

Last, but certainly not the least- credit history plays a major role in deciphering your insurance rate. The better your record, the less you’ll have to pay!

Get a perfectly designed deal on homeowner’s insurance

Therefore, it is essential for you to be well-informed and critical when buying homes and getting them insured. Manatee Insurance Services provide well-budgeted and specific options that cater to each and every one of you homeowners. It is one of the leading companies in Sarasota FL and has a variety of offers so you can select whichever you may prefer. For homeowner insurance in Brandenton FL, all you would have to do is contact them at 941-747-7283 now and get a quote.

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