Loan Checklist: What to Look For in a Home Loan

Building a house—or buying one—is no easy feat. You need enough finances, and your income or savings alone may not suffice.This is why when it comes to buying homes or funding a construction project, many individuals go for loans.

There’s a vast number of options and features that each home loan or mortgage plan offers. From loan terms to interest rates, there’s a lot to consider.

But there’s a price to pay for the financial assistance that a loan offers. Make sure every dollar you put toward your mortgage repayment is worth it.

Let’s look into the specific features of a home loan that you should look for.

Choose Principal and Interest Loans

Principal Amount and Interest

In such cases, the debtor makes regular payments that include a percentage of the principal amount plus additional interest. The repayments continue over a pre-determined loan term e.g. thirty years, with the debtor required to pay the same amount each month.

Interest-Only Loans

In interest-only cases, the borrower pays a lower monthly payment during the initial phase of the loan term. These payments only cover the interest that’s charged on the principal amount.

Once the interest has been paid off, the consequent repayments count toward the principal debt and extend over an agreed period of time. The repayments in the second phase may be significantly higher than the first.

There can be serious affordability issues in such cases. That’s why principal and interest loans are a better option.

Look For the Shortest Loan Term

Your loan term determines the number of years it’ll take to pay off the loan. It’s inversely related to the size of loan repayments and interest amount.The shorter the term, the higher the repayments (with higher interest) and vice versa.

Shorter repayments in longer loan terms may seem like a relief, but they can stretch over a painfully long period. You’re also essentially paying more in interest—an additional sum—which can be reduced if you choose a shorter term.

Pay off your home loan faster with a shorter loan term and save more on the interest amount.

Find the Lowest Interest Rate

Even minor differences in interest rates can add up to a significant saving on your loan repayments. Don’t ignore a 0.5% difference in interest rates when you have an option of a slightly lower rate.

You can choose between a fixed, variable, or partially fixed interest rate, as per your financial situation. All you need is a reliable financial lending institution to guide you through the process and find the best loan plan for your needs.

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