Open, Airy, Effortless: 5 Master Bedroom Plans California Can’t Get Enough Of!

California is known for its breathtaking master bedroom designs that blend modern comfort with refined luxury.

Whether you take a tour of a classic Bel Air property in Los Angeles or look up penthouses in Beverly Hills, you’ll marvel at the sophisticated design, décor, and layout.

We’ve been on the lookout for the most visually dynamic master bedroom plans in California, and the verdict is in! We’ve rounded up our favorites to help kick-start your inspiration.

Let’s dive in!

1. Minimalism Meets Luxury: California’s Signature Style

While Californian residents are known to dip their toe in unconventional master bedroom plans, they ultimately have a favorite.

California’s signature master bedroom style is a dreamlike fusion between minimalism and luxury. The rustic colors and textures add a vintage feel to the space without compromising the authentic contemporary design.

Recreate the look by installing iron glass doors that instantly make the space appear modernized. We also suggest opting for black steel windows to balance the variegated colors, textures, and accessories.

Here are some bedroom makeover tips to help you get started!

2. Ultra-Comfortable Master Bedroom With Classic Black Steel Doors


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Comfort is a core tenet of California’s classic master bedroom scheme. And while there are many ways to imbue a bedroom with relaxation and tranquility, creating a separate “mini bedroom” section tops the list.

Install a pair of black steel doors to demarcate your bedroom from the extended space.

If you’re unsure about committing to the drastic transformation, opt for room dividers that achieve the same purpose.

Keep the palette fresh, modern, and uncomplicated to retain interior relaxation and balance. Here are some house hacks for maximizing space to help you pull off the makeover with ease.

3. Bohemian and Minimalist Serenity

Open, Airy, Effortless: 5 Master Bedroom Plans California Can’t Get Enough Of!

If you’re big on raw and minimalist interior plans, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous master bedroom plan. As one of California’s favorite bedroom designs, the sleek and bohemian style packs quite a punch.

The Tumblr-esque undertones are perfect for homeowners who love to keep things uncomplicated while incorporating artistic elements into the space.

Indulge in warm-toned bedding, furnishings, and bamboo dividers to retain the bohemian serenity. Opt for dull gold accessories and a hunter green plant to top things off!

Ensure the space has a double-height ceiling to create a magnetizing effect.

4. California’s Classic Master Bedroom With Vaulted Ceilings

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If there’s one thing California can’t get enough of, it’s open and airy bedrooms.

What better way to give your bedroom an expansive feel than by indulging in vaulted ceilings and steel French doors?

If you have a larger space, you can also get away with installing factory-style steel doors that help you soak in the gorgeous views of California’s stunning coastline and serene hills.

Opt for a subtle cream and warm grey interior palette to energize your space. If you love to incorporate vintage accessories into your space, feel free to deck your bedroom out with rustic furnishings.

5. One for the Books: Innovation Meets Simplicity

Open, Airy, Effortless: 5 Master Bedroom Plans California Can’t Get Enough Of!

We saved the best for last.

California’s unconventional—albeit heavenly—master bedroom plans take the cake as the state’s most coveted hallmark.

Keep things simple without forgoing innovation by installing factory-style steel windows that help you feast your eyes on the compelling views.

Opt for fine wood floors and indulge in an eye-catching bed that serves as the perfect centerpiece. Its unique design and finishing will make it easy for you to feel content with leaving the remaining space unfurnished and unembellished.

Retain functionality by placing necessities (vanity, closet, bedside tables, etc.) in a section separated by steel sliding doors or pocket steel doors.

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