5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Gorgeous Wrought Iron Doors

If your home features stunning wrought iron entry doors, iron patio doors, or iron French doors, you’ve probably got maintenance down to a tee.

Known for their durability and longevity, iron doors are a breath of fresh air for people who aren’t too fond of frequent maintenance. The high-quality framework and state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensure optimal functionality and safety for years to come.

And while you don’t have your work cut out for you when it comes to maintenance, you still need to check up on iron doors every now and then and take certain precautions.

If you recently invested in iron doors and aren’t quite sure how to get started, we’ve rounded up five key maintenance tips and tricks.

1. Use an Iron Door Spray

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While iron doors are extremely self-sufficient, using an iron door spray only adds to their durability.

Invest in a high-quality—albeit affordable—professional iron door spray that cleans and protects your doors. Over time, your iron doors will become more resistant to environmental damage.

As an added bonus, they’ll radiate a glossy sheen and appear renewed each time you touch them up.

We’ve been loving Pinky’s Iron Doors’ proprietary professional iron door spray under $30. Its gentle yet effective constituents clean and protect doors without being abrasive.

2. Keep Wrought Iron Doors Dry

While iron doors are more rust-proof than conventional doors, there’s always a small risk.

Rust is commonly caused by excess moisture. Minimize and eliminate chances of rust development by keeping your doors dry. Once you’re done cleaning iron doors, thoroughly wipe them with a dry cloth to get rid of any hint of leftover moisture.

Iron front doors and iron patio doors are commonly exposed to rain and precipitation. Take measures to dry them on rainy or sleety days to increase longevity and retain aesthetic appeal.

3. Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaning Materials

5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Gorgeous Wrought Iron Doors

While sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing your doors owing to the COVID-19 pandemic may sound tempting, always double-check the ingredients to avoid using harsh materials that could cause damage.

Caustic cleaners can mar the finishing of your iron doors, thereby reducing their appeal and leaving a nasty stain. If you overdo it, you could also end up affecting the framework.

Avoid harsh liquids and brushes, abrasive cloths, and polishes at all costs. Instead, use a gentle iron door spray and wipe your doors with a clean lint-free cloth.

4. Take Additional Precautions Depending on Your Location

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Reduce environmental damage by taking additional precautions depending on your location.

If you live near the coast, it’s very likely that salt water will cause slight damage to your iron doors over the years. Eliminate the chance of corrosion by oiling the hinges on a monthly basis.

In addition, indulge in weekly cleaning to nip weather damage in the bud.

While conventional doors require extensive cleaning, iron doors make things much simpler so you don’t have to worry about spending hours touching up your doors.

5. Consider a Replacement

If you’ve been struggling to maintain your iron doors, it’s very likely that you started off on the wrong foot.

Opting for low-quality iron doors can increase the chances of corrosion and reduce overall functionality within as little as five months.

Instead of shelling out money on iron door refurbishing and restoration companies, invest in high-quality iron doors that ensure stellar functionality, safety, security, durability, and longevity.

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