5 Reasons Why California Is Obsessed With Modern Steel Barn Doors (And You Should Be Too!)

Over the years, barn doors have become an easy go-to for homeowners, interior designers, and real estate investors in California. Their sleek finishing and seamless sliding properties add a touch of timeless luxury to interior spaces.

And that’s not all. The intricate yet powerful doors pack quite a punch! Their functionality is one of the many features that attracts customers across California.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new space or have been considering giving your home a makeover, barn doors should be on the top of your list.

If you’re still uncertain about the hype, we’ve rounded up five insightful reasons why you should jump on the barnwagon stat!

1. They Make Any Space Appear Twice as Sophisticated

Steel barn doors originally became popular owing to their resemblance to steel sliding doors. However, while sliding doors occupy more space, barn doors cleverly demarcate spaces with a single door that slides along a wall.

The outcome? Incredible aesthetic appeal that makes even the dullest and most spiritless spaces appear enlivening and engaging.

Whether your home is bathed in modern design, minimalist colors, or rustic furnishings, barn doors will add a much-needed touch of sophistication that increases the value of your property and creates interior balance.

2. Convenience? Check!

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French doors and pocket steel doors are known for their convenience. And as barn doors grow in popularity, they’ve quickly stolen a spot among the top three most convenient interior doors.

The stunning doors slide along a horizontal bar that enhances accessibility and ease of use. Whether you need to move cumbersome furnishings or simply transition from one space to another without dealing with doorknobs and handles, barn doors make things much simpler.

3. Quick and Easy Installation

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across America, many states are still under lockdown. While complex installations weren’t too much of a hassle before, they’ve become a nightmare these days.

At a time when recruiting help isn’t an option, people are increasingly looking for furnishings that are easy to install.

Barn doors check this box by requiring minimal tools and materials to get the job done. Unlike conventional doors that require in-home construction, barn doors can be quickly and easily attached to a track that needs to be anchored to the wall.

The process takes between 30 minutes to an hour and doesn’t require any expertise.

4. Enhanced Safety

Barn doors are especially recommended for families with kids and pets. Their seamless and safe functioning reduces the risk of injuries.

In addition, barn doors can be easily customized for enhanced child and pet safety.

5. Durability and Longevity

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If you’re on the hunt for barn doors, we suggest opting for high-quality steel barn doors that are manufactured using tempered single pane glass.

Not only are steel barn doors more durable, but they also maximize longevity so you don’t have to deal with door restoration and repair bills.

Their strong framework also enhances functionality so you can rest assured that your door will operate seamlessly for years to come!

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