4 Stunning French Door Makeovers That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

One of the most classic design additions to any home is a pair of black steel French doors! The paneling and clear glass design combined make them the best choice for someone trying to get their home looking more open and integrative.

Double French iron doors are even better because they’re perfect for letting the cool evening breeze inside while you sit and relax in some natural light. For frequent party throwers, the open space offers plenty of room for guests to wander in and out.

However, French doors can be utilized in some unique ways. Let’s take a look!

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Adding Style to Your Closet

Who would have thought that black steel doors could look good on a closet? This homeowner definitely had a stroke of genius when they decided to accentuate their ample open closet space with some contemporary iron doors with double attachments that make access super simple!

The black works perfectly with the wood paneling’s earthy tones, and the white walls help bring attention to the statement closet design.

One interesting detail here is the reflective glass. Ford Blue and Low-E glass are both compatible with modern iron doors and have reflective properties and temperature control abilities. If you’re considering transforming your wardrobe, you may want to consider a similar glass choice for temperature control.

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Grand Entryway to The Backyard

The ideal way to introduce steel French doors into your home is to have them open up into the backyard. As we mentioned earlier, French doors are a great way to extend space. This makes them the best choice to open to the patio or backyard.

With upholstery that complements the black steel frames and a neutral background, you can be sure that the dark colors are balanced out without making the interiors look too dark.

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Corridor Additions

French doors are great for making a statement, but you can dial back on the double panes to make them suitable for use in your passageways. This one can be a little bit hard to pull off since French doors are grand by design, but with the right interior layout, you can manage to incorporate them seamlessly.

We especially love this monochrome color scheme that keeps the look minimal and stately. Of course, that 21st-century fireplace is to die for too!

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Wine Cellar Glamor

This makeover works brilliantly for people who want to add a little bit of grandeur, but not too much to be overwhelming. With a tiny custom wine cellar door with French design, you can add to your home’s real estate value.

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You can check out their online shop for black steel windows, iron patio doors, industrial-style steel doors, transoms, sidelights, and more! They also have a clearance section for affordable iron doors you won’t regret buying.

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