4 Steel and Iron Door Ideas to Deal with Arizona’s Climate

As a state with a large desert area, Arizona is one place where you really need to make sure that your home is equipped to keep the heat out and the cooling inside. With extremely hot, dry summers, your energy bill will skyrocket if you don’t have temperature control measures in place.

One of the important factors when it comes to air and heat transfer are your doors. Depending on how much you can maneuver, there are several solutions that involve iron entry doors and black steel doors that can make all the difference to your home’s insulation.

Let’s run through some stylistic and logistical ways you can accomplish this.

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Get Rid of Wasteful Spaces

Our homes have a lot of nooks and crannies that we often don’t think about, but those spaces could actually be leaching cool air from your aircon! For example, an open entrance to your pantry is just plain wasteful. You don’t need to cool non-perishables.

Add a small black steel door, or a wine cellar door to close off the area and reduce cooling waste. Take a walk through your home with a critical eye, looking for spaces like this and it’s likely you’ll find a few areas you can improve with single iron doors.

Customize Your Iron Glass Doors

Most wrought iron doors and black steel doors are fitted with glass, and it’s the glass that can be its saving grace! Iron glass doors with custom Low E glass can help reflect sunlight, which keeps interior temperatures low and the heat out.

Open Up Your Patio

In Arizona fall, spring and winter is mild which means that those months are perfect for opening up your home to the cool breeze outside. However, if your current home feels too closed off, the best way to fix it is to install some French iron doors to open up the space from your living room to the patio.

Some unique ideas for iron patio doors are also accordion or bi-fold doors that open into multiple folds; thus, really creating an open area in your home for the cool air outside to make your home feel breezy.

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Make Sure Your Doors Are Insulated

The primary reason to opt for iron doors in the first place is that insulated iron doors are a lot more common, and effective than doors made of other materials. For example, Pinky’s Iron Doors adds dual foam weather stripping, and dual sealing around the glass.

In addition, they provide rubber door sweeps for extra sealing, so that there is as minimal air escape as possible.

That’s why if these options are something you’re interested in, Pinky’s Iron Doors should be your go to for wrought iron entry doors, iron French doors, iron patio doors, pocket steel doors, factory-style steel doors, steel sliding doors and more! They deliver all over the country with express delivery times.

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