Why Wrought Iron Doors Are Better Than Wooden Doors

Are you thinking of upgrading your front door? If so, you have the option of choosing between wooden doors and wrought iron doors.

Wooden doors may be more common, but wrought iron doors definitely have the edge over them in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Let’s take a look at why wrought iron doors are definitely worth the investment.

Energy Efficiency

Iron doors have always been known for their energy-efficiency—even when they were used in 1200 BCE. Iron doors are perfect for every season; they keep homes warm during the chilly winter months and cool on hot summer days.

Today, wrought iron doors are more energy-efficient than they’ve ever been, thanks to foam insulation.

Easy To Maintain

Wooden doors are vulnerable to the elements and will need to be painted, polished, and varnished regularly to maintain their aesthetic. They can easily be damaged by moisture as well. No matter how you treat your wooden door, it will lose its strength and allure over time.

Wrought iron doors need little to no maintenance. Because they’re made of metal, they don’t rot, and they aren’t prone to dents and scratches either.

Boost Curb Appeal

Luxurious house with wrought iron door.

Enhancing curb appeal is the easiest way to boost property value. Although wooden doors may provide you with more color options, they don’t exude the luxury of wrought iron doors.

Wrought iron doors embody sophistication. Whether you go for traditional styles with leaf and vine motifs, or modern designs that consist of geometrical patterns, wrought iron doors set your home apart. They’ve become a symbol of luxury and status.

Installing a wrought iron door in the front of your home will instantly increase property value; it’s an investment that pays for itself in the long run!


Perhaps the greatest advantage wrought iron doors provide is increased security. Even the largest, sturdiest wooden doors can be broken into with the right equipment.

Wrought iron doors are the best at preventing intruders. They’re compatible with all kinds of security locks and are virtually indestructible. It’s no wonder that they’re the go-to choice for important government buildings all over the world!

Do you need more convincing?

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