4 Doorways in a Texas Home and What Steel Door Best Fits

Have you ever really thought about the many different kinds of doorways in your house? From bathroom doors to wine cellar doors, there are so many different ways to style each kind of doorway.

Depending on how often you use a door and for what purpose, the kinds of doors you use will be different. Let’s look at what kind of residential steel door in Texas doorways works for every situation.

Patios: Bi-Fold or French?

In a Texas home, the patio is no joke. This is where the family gets together on the weekend for some homemade barbecue and enjoys the pleasant evenings once the heat has faded. That’s why a patio door needs to match how incredible most Texas properties’ patios are.

We recommend something that opens up easily and connects the main house with the outside, allowing people to walk in and out. While French steel doors are a classic choice to replace iron patio doors, there’s a new type of door in the market. Bi-fold doors like the one above can take up less space and look a lot cooler too!

Wine Cellars and Pantries: Pocket Doors

Nobody really thinks about the doors that go on wine cellar entrances and to that, we say wine not? Not only are both pantries and wine cellars immensely important in terms of function, they’re both part of your home. This means that putting some thought here is essential.

We recommend pocket steel doors. Pocket doors are essentially steel sliding doors that are pushed open into a space created inside the wall for them. This saves so much space and also ensures that the door won’t accidently shake the items or wine bottles stored inside.

Passageways: Sleek and Tall

There are plenty of doors that don’t really fit into any one category, which is why they’re worth mentioning here. Passageway doors are, on the whole, really simple to think about since they can look any way you want.

However, since Texan homes seem to always be on the low-roofed side, we recommend getting residential steel doors that are elongated and touch the ceiling. This gives the illusion of higher ceilings and more space inside your house.

Entryway: Scrollwork Wrought Iron Front Doors

As with any home, Texas homes must have unique iron front doors. Texas homes that embody the true local spirit are all about flair, which is why a scrollwork wrought iron door for Texas homes works seamlessly.

Scrollwork is a classic design technique that has a plenty of curves and swirls. The example above, of a Pinky’s Iron Doors wrought iron entry door encapsulates this perfectly! In fact, Pinky’s Iron Doors is a great place to find all kinds of steel and iron doors that fit all your needs.

Their online shop has iron French doors, industrial style doors, black steel windows, single and double wrought iron doors for you to browse and shop from. Don’t forget to check out their discount iron doors in the sale section too!

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