5 Important Inspections You Should Never Miss

Are you wondering whether your property requires an inspection before potential buyers sign the paperwork? In one word: absolutely! A thorough examination of a living space can reveal safety issues that should be addressed to raise its market value and ensure the residents’ protection. 

Research shows that 72 percent of Americans believe house inspection is highly beneficial and can help prevent many issues before buyers move into a new residence. Here are some critical inspections to conduct for a smooth and safe living experience for buyers and sellers.


You can have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) device installed in the kitchens, garages, bathrooms, outside outlets, disposal, and dishwashers, or anywhere a water source is present.

Whether it’s conductors, distribution panels, or grounding equipment, they should all be operating effectively. A simple electricity check can protect residents from electrical accidents and help you avoid any complaints from potential buyers.

Insulation & Ventilation

Checking venting fans, attic crawl areas, and underfloor insulation for deterioration and damage can go a long way. Whether you’re operating as a buyer or seller, you should be examining the house’s lining and other areas for dirt, residue, or corrosion, especially if the house has been vacant for an extended period.

Structural Fixtures

A cracked pipe can often result in a leakage in a home’s walls and roof seepage and, in worst cases, flooding or fire. Initial examination of the house’s cover boards, attic, water systems, and grounds for leakage can prevent possible accidents and help you incur lesser costs on repair and replacement for selling purposes.

A black and white kitchen with a polished floor


Severe weather conditions can cause irreparable damage to a house. Studies have shown that the most common causes of home damage include wind, leaky roofs, and frozen pipes.

Checking the shingles, gutters, chimneys, and drains can help you prevent rodents, pests, and other critters from hiding out in a home’s crevices, causing substantial destruction and decreasing the property’s value.

Exterior Issues

Examining the house for window seal failure or damaged decks can prevent pests from crawling into the living space, especially during seasonal changes. Infestations should be left to the local exterminators. U.S. residents spend more than $1 billion on Formosan termite control and repairs. You can protect your property’s value by repairing any cracked screens and get the trees trimmed to prevent rodents from gaining access to the estate’s openings.

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