How to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient During the Holidays

The festive season knocks on our doors during the coldest months of the year. While you may enjoy the snow, no one really likes the HVAC bill going through the roof. There are many ways you can ensure your home remains warm and welcoming during the holidays without putting you in debt.

Here are some tips from renowned steel and iron door manufacturers, Pinky’s Iron Doors, to help you get started:

Replace your front door with a thermally broken steel door

Thermally broken steel doors create a tight barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, eliminating drafts and air leaks. The cutting-edge technology of these modern steel doors prevents heat or cold from transferring through the material, allowing you to maintain an optimal temperature indoors.

The inbuilt insulation properties of thermally broken steel doors are what makes them so exquisite. Thermally broken steel doors come in many designs and fitting. Choose something that’d complement your home’s architecture or get a customized steel door made for enhanced home décor.

Install a steel sliding door in your patio 

If you want to have a good look at your garden while ensuring your home remains energy-efficient, consider investing in world-class steel sliding doors. The tight fittings of the massive glass panels will restrict the outside wind from traveling indoors and keep your home’s temperature warm and welcoming.

You can also invest in thermal insulation around your steel sliding door to enhance its energy-efficiency. Steel sliding doors are not only cost-effective; they also add to the sleek and stylish aesthetic appeal of modern homes and improves their real estate value.

Invest in iron pocket doors for the coldest spots at home

Are your pantries, laundry rooms and other utility spaces the coldest spots at your home? If yes, you can stop the drafts from entering your cozy interior by installing some best-in-class iron pocket doors. These elegant outfits disappear into a hidden compartment in the adjacent wall on the opening and offer top-quality insulation.

It’s almost impossible for cold air and wafts to move through these contemporary iron doors. Make sure you choose an outfit that complements your home’s décor.

Buy from the best

If you’re looking for a reliable iron and steel door manufacturer who’d deliver your outfits in time, reach out to Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have an impressive collection of modern and contemporary wrought iron doors, steel doors, iron doors, steel French doors, iron French doors, iron patio doors and custom iron doors.

Browse through their collection to choose a suitable iron or steel door or get a customized outfit made.

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