Closing off Open Floor Plans with Black Steel Doors

Open floor plans are everywhere in the market and have been for a long time. Even though they present people with lots of flexibility in setting up their homes, open floor plans aren’t for everyone.

You may want to control footfall, ensure some cleanliness or even dislike the openness in general. Either way, you can take advantage of open floor plans to create the kind of rooms you want with steel doors, and we’ve got your back on that front!

Add Room Dividers

The most efficient way to close off rooms, or partially segregate areas in the house is to install fixed room dividers. Room dividers can be built based on the dimensions you require and are usually much more affordable than building walls.

Steel room dividers with a complementary black steel door are especially attractive since they can be fitted with sleek glass and don’t draw too much attention. This works well if you want physical separation, but don’t necessarily need privacy.

Barn Door Rustic Vibe

We love to see a stunning barn steel door inside a home! Barn doors are ones that are attached to an overhead bar with wheels that run on a track and slide the door aside. Barn doors are an improvement on the usual sliding steel doors that we’re accustomed to.

Custom barn doors to match your room dividers are best for closing off your living room and dining area from the rest of the house. You can even create a simple footfall route using a trail of barn doors: people can enter your living room from the entry hall, the dining room from the living room, and then onwards to your kitchen.

Kitchen Dutch Doors

A kitchen needs to have a door that can be easily used and enables accessibility. For at-home parents especially, the kitchen can’t be sealed off completely since tasks like setting the table to monitoring homework between meals need to be done simultaneously. A Dutch door is the solution to this.

Dutch steel doors can keep the kitchen open to the outside without opening up the whole doorway entirely. This keeps small children and pets out of a dangerous environment without shutting the room completely. Dutch doors also make transferring dishes to the dinner table easier, which is an all-around plus!

Pantry Doors: Pocket-Style

Many open floor plan homes also have open pantries, or wine storage areas. In the interest of protection from your furry companions or tiny humans, a pocket style door is a cute installation that doesn’t take too much space.

Pocket steel doors slide into a space that’s been created for them in the wall, which is the pocket that their name came from. Pocket steel doors are usually made bespoke by leading door creators like Pinky’s Iron Doors, which is why you should visit their site to order yours today.

Pinky’s Iron Doors can create any kind of custom iron doors as well as steel doors and windows for your home. They also specialize in iron exterior doors; specifically, wrought iron doors, iron French doors, iron patio doors and more.

The immense quality that comes from sourcing the best kind of material is present in every piece they sell, including the discount iron doors in their clearance section! Browse their modern iron doors today.

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