4 Ways You Can Use Your Interior Bi-Fold Accordion Doors in El Paso

Are you thinking of installing multi-purpose interior doors to maximize your home’s space but aren’t sure which ones to go for? Happens to the best of us! Choosing the right kind of doors that blend well with your home’s aesthetic theme is important.

Bi-fold accordion steel doors are becoming increasingly popular as they’re a great alternative to traditional doors and can make your home’s design stand out. Here are some important ways you can use your interior bi-fold doors in El Paso.

Living Room Divider

You may have a deep appreciation for open floor plans, but have you ever thought about how conducive they are to the things you need or the way you use up your living space? In this case, accordion steel doors offer flexibility, creating more room in your home and effortlessly separating any space as per your need.

With these room dividers, you can significantly expand the width of your walkway, so even if your bi-fold steel doors are open, they’ll take up less space than traditional doors.

Off-the-Kitchen Cover-Up

Do you ever feel like making your entire pantry disappear when you’re hosting a party? You’re not alone. Certain rooms, like the utility room or bathroom, don’t blend as well with the rest of the house as you’d like them to, so you want to look at them as little as possible.

Bi-fold accordion iron doors come in handy in this case as you can select a sophisticated design that mixes with your kitchen and that people don’t have to observe immediately. Additionally, these iron doors are also useful for hiding clutter, concealing any unsightly rooms, or shelving when you have company over.

The Substitute Closet Door

At some point, you may have seen closet doors have bi-fold or sliding doors. The problem with using a traditional swinging door for your wardrobe is that it’ll occupy more floor space, restricting your activity in your bedroom or any other area of the house. Accordion steel doors are a gorgeous replacement, as they add aesthetic appeal to your rooms, offering more closet storage without intruding on additional floor space. What more do you need?


Since accordion iron doors are usually made with heavy-duty external materials, you can install them on your home’s exterior. This way, you’ll have the option of either separating areas or keeping the doors open.

In either case, it can help you combine your outdoor and indoor living space. Bi-fold iron doors are also popular because some of these doors sit in runners, making it safe to use in a space with children around.

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