How to Make Your Home Feel Airy and Open with Steel Interior Doors & Room Dividers

In 2021, interior design is all about creating as natural of an environment as possible in a home. Whether it’s because you want a deeper connection to the outdoors or because shut up at home feels depressing, you should definitely act on the impulse to make your home feel a lot more open.

However, what you need to get that done are some premium steel interior doors and room dividers. Here’s how to transform your home!

Let the Light in With Steel Doors

Steel doors with glass panels are perfect for letting the light in from your patio or backyard into the house. We especially recommend steel French doors that are heavy on the glass, with minimal steel borders. The right spot for them is where the light naturally shines the most in your home, like the wall adjoining your deck.

You can even add an iron entry door to keep your front hall well-lit and warm, as well as interior steel doors between rooms that will keep the home airy.

Say Goodbye to Long Walls

Traditionally, homes have been all walls and opaque doors. However, that doesn’t do much to help your home feel open and full of light. Wherever possible, why not get rid of long wall spaces and install room dividers or fixed, casement steel windows instead?

This will create the illusion of spacious rooms and openness that’s hard to come by without this step. Room dividers can be made from glass and steel, which lets you see through it and make you feel like your home is a lot more open than it was. Just make sure you’re not weakening a load-bearing wall!

Open Doors Keep Rooms Connected

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who like closed rooms and doors and people who like to leave doors open and rooms easily accessible. If you’re more the latter, then you need special steel doors that will help you keep them open without disrupting easy movement.

Swing-open doors aren’t always the best to keep rooms connected and airy, which is why sliding doors, pocket doors, and barn doors are a great option for you. These doors slide back easily, making moving around easier for you.

Welcome the Breeze Through Dutch Doors

One of the best ways to let the crisp morning air in is to have a Dutch door. Simply leaving your patio iron door open isn’t always possible in a home with pets and kids, which is why a Dutch door can help usher in the fresh breeze without leaving the doorway completely ajar.

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