All You Need To Know About White Glove Shipping

Has the term ‘White Glove Shipping’ always baffled you?

Does it always make you question, what has a white glove got to do with shipping and delivery? Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions regarding white glove shipping.

Here’s all that you need to know about white glove shipping and how it works.

What is White Glove Shipping?

What comes to mind when you think about a ‘White Glove’?

The thought of a white glove usually triggers the image of a service provider who is very gentle and delicate in taking care of your belongings. That’s precisely where the term ‘White Glove Shipping’ came from!

White glove shipping raises the bar for every other shipping service. Investing in a white glove service means that movers will deal with your shipment with immense care and fragility. Moreover, when your freight arrives at its destination, the movers will ensure that it’s unpacked, set up, and moved to the right place.

The shipping company swiftly and safely deals with the entire process, and consumers don’t even need to move a finger!

Benefits of White Glove Shipping for Commercial Businesses

White glove shipping services aren’t just limited to individual customers. In fact, this service is ideal for countless commercial businesses.

Reliability – Timely deliveries are crucial to any commercial business. If shipments don’t arrive on scheduled time, commercial ventures might suffer huge financial losses.

Reduced Waiting Time – Since time is the most valuable resource in the shipping service, white glove shipping companies ensure that scheduled deliveries are made quickly. Moreover, customers can even track their freights and be made aware of their scheduled deliveries. 

Safe Shipping – Since each step of this particular type of shipment is carefully planned, executed, and tracked, the chances of losing or misplacing your freight are diminished.

Reduced Chances of Damages – The movers responsible for making white glove deliveries are highly trained and handle your freight with immense care and with the right packaging materials. This reduces the chances of your shipment of goods from incurring any damages during the shipment process.

Environmentally responsible – Scheduled deliveries are made on time, preventing the shipment company from making several delivery attempts and damaging the environment in the process.

Who can benefit from White Glove Shipping?

White glove shipping is ideal for any delivery that needs to be handled gently, carefully, and promptly. This specific kind of shipping service is ideal for

  • electronics,
  • healthcare and medical supplies,
  • perishable food items
  • Automotive parts and,
  • Valuable appliances and furniture

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