Steel Door Wars: Sliding Doors vs. Hinged Ones for a Texan Home

There are two kinds of doors that are always competing for the spot of ultimate crowd favorite in Texas: hinged doors and sliding doors. Texas homes are known for being expansive, luxurious, and traditional: perfect for hinged steel doors.

However, as a new generation of design and style trends emphasizing new technology emerges, we’re seeing people using sliding steel doors in Texas more often. Let’s take a look at the appeal that each offers.

Why Hinged Doors Are the Classic Choice

Hinged doors are the ones we know and love, having probably used them all our lives. These doors are usually attached to the frame with a set of hinges and swing open inward or outward, depending on the mechanism. These doors provide a sense of structure and stability to a home.

Not only are they basic and easy to clean, but they’re also the one type of door we’ve used for most of history. From French steel doors to Dutch ones, hinged doors can come in a variety of styles and designs. Hinged doors are popularly used everywhere, in both commercial and residential buildings.

Generally, hinged steel doors for Texas homes are a safe choice to make.

Are Sliding Doors Taking Over?

Sliding doors are a comparatively recent mechanism in doors, but are they the better choice just because they’re newer? Well, that depends on your needs. Sliding doors are great for smaller homes, especially because they don’t take up as much space when left open. Instead, they simply slide back and forth on their rails.

Sliding steel doors in Texas homes that don’t have huge amounts of room are the smart choice to make, especially as a replacement for hinged patio iron doors. These doors can help open up interior space without taking up too much of it and are easy to open too.

Cleaning sliding steel doors in Texas can be a bit of a pain given that dust settles on every surface it finds — but sliding doors can definitely be worth the extra work!

Which One is Right for Your Texan Home?

Whether you purchase sliding doors or hinged ones is ultimately up to you and your needs. Some factors to consider are how much space you have, what kinds of designs you have in mind, and what kind of design theme are you building your home up with?

There is a range of options that innovate on these mechanisms too, which is why you shouldn’t make a rushed decision.

For example, some unique hinged steel doors for Texas homes are pivot doors. Pivot doors use hinges contained within a pivot box that attaches to the top and bottom of the frame. This eliminates the attachment to one side and balances the movement of your Texas entry door.

On the other hand, pocket steel doors are an excellent way to conserve space since they operate by sliding into a “pocket” created inside the wall. Barn steel doors for Texas folksy homes are also an excellent way to save on space and streamline movement.

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