The Ultimate 2021 Curb Appeal Guide for West Lake Hills Houses

West Lake Hills is a quickly developing suburb of Austin that you should get in on now! As a serene and beautiful area to live in, you really do see the best of local residential architecture and décor in the region.

Get the complete guide on adding to your curb appeal, from installing a custom iron entry door to investing in proper landscaping.

Don’t Go With The Flow

West Lake Hills is known for its ostentatious homes and grandiose residential design. The last thing to do if you want to make a statement is to follow what everyone else is doing. That’s going to make your home look dull and uninteresting.

Forgo the heavy emphasis on wood and tile and buy elegant contemporary iron doors for West Lake Hills properties to match a stone pavement leading up from the driveway instead. This is one way you can really upgrade your curb appeal.

The Right Windows Make A Difference

You may not really think of windows as an important aspect of curb appeal, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to your home’s façade. While windows are an important functional element that helps bring light and air into your home, they also form an important part of your façade too.

Make sure you buy custom steel windows that align with the design of your home’s exterior in both shape and color. Black is an excellent neutral color to utilize for this purpose.

Curate the Materials and Colors You Use

Don’t just slap everything together without thinking about how they function with each other. For example, if you have red brick conical roofs, you might want to forego the gray stone veneers for siding and stick with warm ivory stucco siding instead.

Alternatively, if you’ve covered your home in gray bricks or stone siding, then find a black or copper entry door in West Lake Hills to match the color and texture.

Invest In Landscaping

Landscaping plays a huge role in how your home looks to passersby. A plain rectangular front lawn is standard, but for bonus curb appeal points, you may want to start growing a tree or add some variety in what you plant.

Landscaping will also help you demarcate clear boundaries for your driveway, walkway, and lawn, which creates a clean look for your exterior.

Throw In An Awe-Inspiring Entry Door

The last ingredient for a gorgeous façade is a West Lake Hills entry door that will put everyone else’s to shame. Whether you want something ornately carved or a grand door with strong features, you need a reliable iron entry door supplier.

Take a look at Pinky’s Iron Doors’ complete range of double and single iron doors, steel doors and windows, French iron doors, iron patio doors, and modern iron doors. They also help you design your very own custom iron doors and execute your vision flawlessly.

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