Say Goodbye to Wooden Doors and Hello to Steel and Iron Ones in Texas

Wooden doors have been the classic choice for interior and exterior doors so far, but steel and iron doors in Texas have really been blowing up. Why should you get rid of your wooden doors in favor of steel and iron doors for Texas properties?

Here’s everything that you should consider before you make this change.

Why Wooden Doors are Last Year’s News

Wooden doors are the classic choice for doors, especially in homes built during the housing boom of the mid to late 20th century. Buying and using those made sense at that time, but we’ve come a long way since then. Wood is cumbersome, and doors made from it usually need to be a certain width to function properly.

Taking care of wood is also much harder in humid environments and places where it rains since it warps and changes form when exposed to the elements. Wooden doors are also never going to look as sleek as iron and steel doors do because of the natural texture that the material has.

For people who want their movement in the house to stay streamlined and easy, wooden doors aren’t the answer. Consider adding wooden flooring instead and sticking with iron entry doors for Texas homes.

Why Iron and Steel Doors Are Taking Over

Iron and steel doors in Texas homes offer a contrast to the warm, homey, and rustic appearance that most homes in the Lone Star state have. While there’s nothing wrong with a home that embodies that classic Texan vibe, there’s definitely some room to upgrade some elements.

Iron and steel doors allow bold and warm colors to shine through by staying subtle and understated. Moreover, steel doors and windows also work well with large glass panes as a complementary material, which allows homeowners to open up the space visually. If you’re a fan of airy, large interior spaces, iron and steel doors with glass are a perfect choice.

Since metal is a lot less sensitive to water and sunlight, these doors are also perfect for homeowners that don’t have time for constant maintenance. Iron front doors can be expensive but think of it as an investment.

How to Make The Most of Iron and Steel Doors in Texas Homes

Some people don’t like how uniform and plain-looking iron or steel doors can be. However, that’s a matter of choosing the right company to get your Texas iron doors from. Pinky’s Iron Doors, for example, has a range of iron entry doors that range from sleek and slim to grand and intricate.

The company also has endless varieties in interior doors, including patio iron doors, French steel doors, contemporary iron doors, single and double iron doors, barn doors, Dutch doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and even office doors. They have a custom iron door service as well as discount iron doors in the clearance section for products that align with your need.

Pinky’s Iron Doors delivers to El Paso, San Antonio, West Lake Hills, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin, The Woodlands, Midland, Lakeway, and more in Texas.

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