3 Black Steel Door Designs That Are Perfect for Flipping Contemporary Homes

As real estate investors and interior designers kick-start their house flipping projects, the pressure is officially back on. When flipping a contemporary home, finding the right pair of interior and exterior doors is imperative.

If you’ve been on the lookout for door designs that stand out, start by focusing on the most popular style: back steel doors. In this article, we’ll round up our favorites so you can flip your property like a seasoned pro. Continue reading!

1. Steel French Doors

Known for their classic appeal, minimalist style, and beautiful finishing, steel French doors are a treat for house flippers! Their modern appeal makes them perfect for contemporary house flips.

Here’s why steel French doors are so popular across the nation. While they’re ideal as interior doors, they also work beautifully as exterior doors. Whether you’re looking for a pair of entry doors or patio doors, steel French doors won’t disappoint in the least.

For an added touch of sophistication and modern elegance, install eye-catching and complementary door locks and handles.

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2. Steel Sliding Doors

Luxurious, eye-catching, timeless. Steel sliding doors are the crème de la crème of interior doors. The beautiful portals swiftly glide along their tracks, and look stunning as they’re opened and closed.

Apart from packing a powerful visual punch, they’re also extremely functional and accessible. As you embark on your house flipping project, make sure you prioritize these three key elements, namely, aesthetic appeal, functionality, and accessibility. By handpicking a pair of steel sliding doors, you’ll know you’ve taken care of all three aspects.

You can also opt for custom steel sliding doors for an added touch of oomph.

3. Factory-Style Steel Doors

Perfect for house flipping projects, factory-style steel doors pack the wow factor in abundance. Unlike regular doors, these gorgeous portals are taller, wider, and more luxurious. Their expansiveness makes them perfect for luxe properties. Factory-style steel doors also create the illusion of a larger space, which is exactly what homebuyers want.

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