South Carolina Architecture: What’s In and What Isn’t?

Slanted porches, gothic revival, colonial remnants, and Georgian glory: South Carolina has no dearth of variety when it comes to architecture and history. In addition to rich historical buildings that have had a clear influence on the general architecture, South Carolina also has more modern and fusion-style homes being built—and none of it looks out of place.


South Carolina—Charleston in particular—is known for its gothic architecture. From the historic buildings to everyday apartments, you’re likely to find gothic elements all over the place. From the Citadel to regular homes, you’ll find gothic elements such as stained glass windows, decoration pieces, even pointed arches.

Colonial Style Buildings

a colonial-era house

Our colonial past truly shines through in many of our colonial buildings that bring a touch of old England to the state. The Old Exchange Building is a good example of how well South Carolina does colonial-style buildings. Many of these buildings are more historic than simply by virtue of their architecture: they played roles in the American Revolutionary War.

So while you might think that architecture from the 1700s or the 1800s will look out-of-place in New York, it will look right at home in South Carolina.

Georgian Designs

If you have ever seen any houses or buildings in South Carolina that have a square structure, chimneys, five windows in the front, and a crowned door in the epicenter—then you have seen a Georgian-inspired house and you don’t even know it.

The Heyward-Washington House is the perfect example of the Georgian architectural design. Houses like these were very popular in the 18th century—and they still look like they belong at home in South Carolina. So, if you’re going that route, you’re headed the right way!

Modern Doors

Previously only known for their sturdiness, South Carolina residents are increasingly moving towards steel and iron doors. What seems to have changed? It probably comes down to the fact that people have realized iron and steel doors aren’t just doors that have a functional purpose: these doors can also be very aesthetic and pleasing.

Moreover, the whole modern and minimalist movement has breathed fresh life into steel and iron doors: they are picturesque, simple yet elegant, and their durability makes them extremely valuable.

Looking for the Perfect Door in South Carolina?

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