How to Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Oklahoma House

While minimalist and modernistic trends are all the rage these days, you can go a different route by making your house stand out. Why not go the retro route—the vintage route?

It isn’t that difficult after all—if you know where to start.

These days, housing is all about the modernistic and minimal. If you’re different, you can go the vintage route. But how does one do that?

The Wallpaper

Nothing speaks “vintage” quite like wallpapers—and we mean the right kind of wallpapers. Vintage wallpaper is one that’s likelier to have floral prints or paisleys. Think of the wallpapers you’ve seen in old movies and shows—those are what you want.

Vintage wallpapers tend to fluctuate between light, refreshing, pastels, and dark, earthy browns. Select the one that goes best with your furniture.

Also, bear in mind that light-colored wallpapers are brighter and make the room look cooler, airier. Pastel wallpapers are ideal for small spaces since they make the space look bigger. Dark wallpapers, on the other hand, are warm and work better in larger homes that have ample space.

The Furniture

A house with old-fashioned furniture.

Other than the wallpaper, the one defining feature of your vintage house is to be the furniture. Vintage or retro furniture, like wallpapers, comes in two varieties: and you can choose the one

These days, housing is all about the modernistic and minimal. If you’re different, you can go the vintage route. But how does one do that?

that goes well with the rest of your interior. If your wallpaper is light and floral, you can go with classic white furniture that so often brings glee to a room. If your rooms are larger, have higher ceilings, and can accommodate them, you can choose heavier, darker-colored furniture that signifies richness and value.

You’re looking for unique motifs, unusual glass patterns, atypical cuts, good-quality wood and upholstery. Think of beautiful steel entry doors with intricate designs, gorgeous retro windows, etc.


Finally, and this might not have occurred to you, it comes down to the cutlery. If you have paid attention to retro shows, you must have noticed that vintage cutlery is pointedly different from what we use in the contemporary world. For more ideas, you can check out this YouTube channel called English Heritage—Mrs. Crocombe’s cutlery is to die for. If you’re going vintage and your kitchen is part of the plans, then this is the cutlery you want to aim for.

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