4 Remodeling Ideas That’ll Add Value to Your Home in West Lake Hills

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the housing market has defied expectations and continued to thrive.

This is the perfect time for homeowners interested in selling their homes to make a nice profit. Of course, the value of a home can be increased considerably through remodeling.

As a starting point, here a few cost-effective remodeling ideas:

1. Kitchen Upgrades

Many homeowners go for the all-or-nothing approach to kitchen remodeling. However, pulling out all the stops to renovate a kitchen isn’t necessary. Minor upgrades end up making a big difference, and are much easier to manage than a complete overhaul.

Older sinks and faucets, for instance, can be replaced with new models.

Cabinet hardware is something that’s largely left alone unless broken or faulty. If handles, knobs, pulls, and hinges are a few years old, they should be swapped with current designs for an instant facelift.

Other great ideas include installing a new backsplash, and changing the range & appliances with their modern counterparts.

2. Entry Door Replacement

The entry door of a house is something everyone pays attention to. For better or for worse, it shows how the people living in a house treat it.

Not only are dingy and discolored doors an instant turn-off, but they’re unpleasant to look at and reduce a home’s curb appeal.

It stands to reason, then, that replacing the entry door is a quick way to boost the visual appeal of a home. Choosing wrought iron doors in West Lake Hills over wooden or fiberglass doors, for example, ups the value of a home and improves its aesthetics.

3. Window Replacement

Over time, the elements can take their toll on even the strongest of windows.

Similar to an entry door, windows – whichever state they’re in – are highly noticeable. They’re among the first few things in a house that appraisers or potential buyers inspect.

As such, it’s well worth the expense to replace old, damaged windows with sleek yet functional ones. Steels windows are a popular option that has stood the test of time.

4. Bathroom Improvements

When in the mood for a remodel, most people start with either the kitchen or the bathroom.

Much like the kitchen, a bathroom also benefits from smaller improvements. In fact, for many homeowners it’s the smarter choice that saves more time.

Instead of ripping up the bathroom entirely and starting from scratch, consider replacing the faucet, the showerhead, and other fittings. Build on these smaller changes with a new vanity and mirror, brighter lighting, and a fresh coat of paint.

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