Lost Your Car Keys? Here’s how Car Rekeying Helps

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Losing car keys can disrupt your plans and affect your routine. You won’t be able to drive your car or move around until a new key is made. But getting a spare key is not the solution to all your problems. If you can’t recall where you lost the keys, the chances are that someone else might have found and kept them. This gives them the perfect opportunity to exploit their advantage and break in.

Even on the slim chance that you retrieve your lost keys, you must get your car re-keyed. This avoids the risk of someone having a duplicate of your original car keys. Here’s why you need it.

Better Security

Losing your car keys is disturbing enough. You can’t go anywhere, have to cancel plans to distant locations and request your friends to offer pick-and-drop. It can get inconvenient and embarrassing. But the trouble of waiting to get new keys after re-keying your car lock is still less than experiencing a break-in.

The main reason for getting your car re-keyed is so that the old keys won’t be able to unlock the car. This prevents break-ins. You park your car at several different locations, including parking lots, and leave it unattended. That offers intruders the perfect opportunity to break in and steal your car. Get it re-keyed if you want to avoid it.

Reduce Costs

When you lose keys, you’ll try to pick the lock yourself in desperation to get it to work. You may use whatever tools are available to you, including hairpins, needles, pliers, and tweezers. That can potentially damage your lock and create the need for replacing it.

But lock replacement is costlier than re-keying. It’s easier to do that and demands less labor from a professional locksmith. You can save a lot of money and time by getting your car re-keyed because new car locks cost a lot for purchase and replacement.

Save the Hardware

If you think replacing your car locks is a better option, it’s not. You’re not only investing in new hardware but also losing out on the original door locks that came with the brand new car. You can’t be sure if the new lock system is as reliable as the original one. An experienced locksmith will always advise you to save your existing hardware instead of switching it up with a new lock.

Not to mention, new locks come with standard locking features that are less secure than a customized re-keyed lock. The chances are that intruders would break into your car more easily if it has a standard lock rather than a customized pin arrangement making it hard to pick.

Liberty Locksmith Services in Winchester has been offering automobile locksmith services for years and handled many auto re-keying requests. They can help you if you’re locked out of your car, lost your keys, need a lock replacement, or car re-keying.

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