Ways To Improve Home Value

Whether you plan on selling your home right now, or want to periodically have renovations done to keep its value up, there’s a lot you can invest in.

Here are some home improvement ideas by the experts:

Make your home more visually appealing

Your home should have a wow factor when a potential buyer walks through the door. You can do that by creating an inviting theme. Choose a theme and stick to it. If you prefer a modern home, make sure there are modern features like recessed lighting, minimal furniture, and a clean layout.


Have the flooring redone if your old flooring looks worse for the wear. It’s always advisable to get rid of cheaper flooring materials and invest in more premium ones like hardwood floors, if that’s in your budget.


As for the kitchen, the countertops play a huge role in how appealing it is. If your current countertop is quite old or is made of shoddy materials, consider switching to a natural stone countertop. They last longer and look amazing too.

Kitchen cabinets are quite expensive to build from scratch. If you don’t have the budget to redo old cabinets, have them repaired instead. Then have a fresh coat of paint applied and change the hardware.

Add more space

More space is always welcome in a home. Bigger homes sell for more money. Adding square footage thus really adds value! Inspect your home and look for walls that can be knocked down to make the space look bigger. Consider adding another room or bathroom to your home too. An additional bathroom will make your home more convenient, increasing the interest of potential buyers.

It’s important to keep in mind that home renovations might not help you recover the entire amount invested. If adding a new bathroom costs $40,000, it might not add $40,000 to your home’s resale value, but perhaps around $28,000.

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