Iron vs. Steel Doors: What Suits Illinois Homeowners Better?

The differences between iron and steel doors might not be pronounced, but it’s still and important decision if you want to get the look just right.

When it comes to choosing between iron doors and steel doors for your home, it’s tempting to brush off the matter as trivial. Both iron and steel can be used to create stunning designs and an appealing aesthetic.

However, there are slight differences in the look and texture that can make one look better in certain applications compared to the other. Preference for one over the other usually depends on your style and the layout of your house. Let’s take a look at some situations comparing wrought iron doors with black steel.

If you want decorative doors…

Wrought iron doors take the win here. The metal can be welded, bent, formed, and shaped into several artistic designs—a callback to the rich history of metalwork. A trademark feature of iron front doors is ornate scrollwork. These are quite the conversation starter and practically scream luxury.

If you prefer custom designs…

Iron doors for the win again. Compared to steel doors, there is more room for customization with iron. With iron doors, you can bring your aesthetic aspirations to life! So get your creative juices flowing and create the perfect custom iron door for your home.

If your style is ‘industrial aesthetic’…

Both iron and steel are suitable for achieving this look, but we’re leaning towards black steel more. Factory-style steel interior doors and room dividers would be a dream to have in your Illinois  home. With iron, you can get a more rustic, robust look while steel doors go perfectly with muted furnishings and a no-frills décor—typical elements of an industrial design.

If you like a sleek, contemporary look…

Finally, a solo win for steel! Although this look can be achieved by iron doors depending on the design, steel doors are the definition of sleek. Their simple and minimalist finish will complement your modern house. Not to mention black steel room dividers create a bold statement, and they make your home feel more spacious.

If you have a small entrance or doorway space…

In this situation, single arched doors, steel pocket doors, and barn doors are the way to go. Not only do they save space, but they also add a unique touch to your upscale home. Moreover, if you’re into stylish storage rooms or have small bathrooms, then these frosted steel doors can really take the overall aesthetic of your home up a couple of notches.

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