Less Is More – Minimalism for the Modern Home in Orem

Minimalism has been the major trend in the following years. Taking away from the excessive designs from the past, the new wave is all about consuming less. The result is a clean aesthetic that goes for creativity and making the most out of what you have. Here are a few ways you can add a touch of minimalism all across your Orem house:

Sliding Patio Door

A sliding patio door is a class in minimalism on its own. The design of the door is fairly limited, taking up very little space in the room. It’s flush to the side, so you can safely place items around it if you wish to, and there’s no outer movement to knock anything down.

With a solid glass to metal ratio, it provides a sturdy frame while allowing for exposure from the outside. The end result is that your home stays bright, it’s easy to let in cool air without opening the door entirely.

French Doors

French doors are incredibly popular in the United States. They’re often the door people picture in their head when asked to think of a fancy, minimalist design. As they use fairly thin metallic bars around the glass panels, it gives off the minimal design aesthetic that’s all the rage nowadays.

As the whole aesthetic is about cleanliness, the glass panels provide a clean look, rounding off the installation as a great way to get into the whole minimalist groove.

Bifold/Accordion Doors

Bifold doors are another installation that minimalists love. They’re called accordion doors as well, as they shut and open up like the popular instrument that they’re named after. The doors fold around the hinges to close up.


Bifold doors take up more space than your average sliding patio door, but they give off a cleaner aesthetic than the typical plain Jane door. The closing and opening mechanism is also a fancy trick that will entertain first time onlookers.

Pinky’s Iron Doors’ collection of black steel barn doors or steel sliding doors, wrought iron doors Elai, interior steel pocket doors, interior steel glass doors is a minimalist’s dream. You can also contact them for other accessories such as handles, locks, sidelights, and locks.

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