4 Must-Follow Rules for a Welcoming Entryway for Homes in Texas

Have you ever visited someone at their house and been struck by how welcoming it seems? You haven’t even entered inside their house yet, and you can just sense the warmth and hospitality already. Has it compelled you to rethink your own entryway and redesign it to make it appear more inviting?

Well, then, this is just the article for you. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make the entryway of your Texas home more welcoming.

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Beautify Your Landscape

Do you really want visitors to walk over uneven pavement or a messy lawn when they’re making their way to your front door? Start by tidying up your landscape and making it more accessible.

You don’t have to go overboard with the beautification process. Even smoothing out the pathway leading to your front door and trimming the hedges will give your exterior space a neater look. If you have steps leading up to your door, consider placing a couple of vibrant potted plants on them. This will amplify your home’s curb appeal.

Use Outdoor Lighting

You also need to invest in proper outdoor lighting. While you don’t need it during the day, it’s especially useful after the sun sets.

There are multiple ways you can revamp your outdoor lighting. If you have a pathway leading to your front door, consider using ground lights next to it. Alternately, you can use hanging lights at your doorway. You can also add miniature lamp posts to your landscape.

Personalize Your Doorway

Another great way to make your entryway look more welcoming is by personalizing the doorway. Instead of placing a boring old door mat, why not keep one with a customized message woven on it? Or, how about adding a wind chime and a “Welcome” sign in your doorway?

You can even place a wreath on your door or get a small chalkboard that displays personalized messages to visitors.

Choose the Right Front Door

Speaking on doors, you’ve got to choose the right one for your home. Your front door is among the first things visitors see, and it helps in creating that first impression. This is why you should be extra careful when picking out an exterior door for your main entryway.

Black steel doors and wrought iron doors are both excellent options. Their elegantly designed to complement all kinds of door styles, and make a strong impact on visitors. You can choose from a variety of designs and pick an iron or steel front door that best suits your home design and landscape.

Pinky’s Iron Doors provides a beautiful range of wrought iron doors and black steel doors to homeowners in Texas. Their collection includes double and single iron doors, pivot doors, and other types of exterior doors such as patio doors.

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