Unique Steel Window Shapes for Your Contemporary Home

In modern and contemporary interior designs, the same old rectangular framed wooden windows feel a little out of place. Old school designs are being left behind in favor of newer material and newer designs.

We’ll be looking at some of the best design options available in steel windows that you can add to give your home a contemporary look!

Circular Windows

Circular steel windows are hipster, they’re a throwback to the futuristic space-age look from the early 80s, and they follow a bit of a nautical theme. The circular window manages to portray all of that without seeming like it’s doing too much either.

It’s a shape that most people are used to seeing, just usually not in windows, which is why they’re so great. It’s a unique look that isn’t necessarily strange or out of place.

Getting a circular steel window placed in a room can give it a lot of dimension. Setting the window’s frame deep into the wall will also make it look like it’s been carved out of the wall.

Hexagon Windows

If you want a slightly riskier look, then you can always opt to get a hexagon-shaped steel window put into your wall.

This sort of window works well in pairs or being placed higher up along the middle of a living room wall. Essentially, you’ll have to be careful with the placement and surrounding design, but if it’s done well, then it will look amazing in a modern house. This sort of steel window can be complemented with bold colors around it and minimalistic furniture.

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Irregular Polygons

Getting an irregular shape for your steel window might come off as too bold an idea initially. However, you have to realize irregular doesn’t mean crazy and out of proportion. It usually means windows with more than one shape mixed to form a singular look.

An arched or an angled slant window are both good examples. These designs work well with bay windows or with corner windows of a room. The design around them can range from homely to eccentric, depending on your personal taste. It’s actually much easier than expected to get one of these windows to complement the rest of your house.

Whatever style and shape of steel windows you want, you can get them custom-made from Pinky’s Iron Doors. They can make you any design and shape of window, from factory-style steel windows to black steel windows. You can get in touch with them to place your order for windows or any of their other products, including iron doors, steel doors, front doors, patio doors, sliding doors, interior doors, wine cellar doors, French doors, and a number of different styles of these doors.

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