A Guide to Steel Doors: Steeling the Stealing in Mississippi

Steel door with glass incorporation

Steel doors meet a number of performance requirements as they deliberately make use of flexibility with each core type and technique. Homeowners usually want to select a front door that is able to withstand the complexities of the environment, all the while complimenting the house’s exterior.

Full-glass entries

Entry doors made using a steel frame that fully incorporates glass are made for exterior entrance applications. These doors have high-frequency openings and satisfy the architectural requirements of multi-light configurations and large full glass entryways. Pinky’s Iron Doors combines the dimensional stability and strength of steel with the structural integrity of internal gussets.


Steel doors are known to provide the best long-term value in the door and frame industry due to their minimal repair requirement and studier body that outcasts the warmth of wood. It’s improbable for steel even to be phased out of the market. The appearance of modern stainless steel with a faux or vibrant color finish is sure to please the aesthetic of most projects due to its easy customization feature.


Entry doors are usually made using 22 or 24 gauge steel with polyurethane foams. These units are ready to be painted in a number of styles, heights, and widths. The only concern with steel doors is that they dent, but this concern can be dealt with adequately if special attention is paid during installation. It’s also easier to install electrified hardware into them as construction also permits the accommodation of wiring for monitors, electric strikes, and power transfer through the door to the locking mechanism.


Best of all, steel doors and frames are recyclable — American steelmaking firms use 70 million tons of domestic steel scrap in the production of newer steel. What’s more, is that steel is not subject to rotting or chipping away like its famous wooden counterpart.

A flat-top steel door

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