3 Types Of Wrought Iron Doors And Steel Doors To Maximize Indoor-Outdoor Living In Fayetteville

Fayetteville residents love spending as much time as possible outdoors. So, a significant majority of homes in Fayetteville are designed to impart an unwavering sense of flow between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Numerous types of entry doors can help make this transition in Fayetteville homes seamless while enhancing cross-ventilation, natural light, and visibility, leading to a better connection with the mesmerizing surroundings of Fayetteville.

Such entry doors come in various mechanisms and styles, including sliding doors, pivot doors, French doors, and more. Confused about which entry door to choose for your Fayetteville home? Here’s a roundup of some of the trendiest interior doors with additional benefits that will make Fayetteville residents fall in love with every stunning entry door listed below!

#1 French Doors

French Doors are like a pair of double entry doors that swing open away from each other. Traditionally, French doors had multiple framed glass panels to maximize the natural indoor lighting, but today a wide variety of modern French doors have taken the market by storm.


  • Fayetteville homeowners can choose to get interior doors that either swing in or stack outside, depending on the space available.
  • French doors exude timeless elegance and seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces of homes in Fayetteville.
  • Since French doors provide a wider space than single entry doors, they make it easy to move furniture and other items if Fayetteville homeowners wish to take a sunbathe or quickly move in outdoor furniture during an unexpected storm.

#2 Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are entry doors that swing and rotate on a spindle due to the hinges mounted at the bottom and top of the interior door, sometimes at the off-center, whereas at other times at the center point. Simply put, when pivot entry doors are open, they blur the difference between the outside and the inside while giving a very casual yet relaxed look and feel.


  • Multiple pivot entry doors can be angled to obstruct or direct natural light and breeze to main optimal cross ventilation.
  • Pivot interior doors are convenient; they help save a significant amount of space and make it easy to move objects in and out.
  • Pivot entry doors are typically more robust than conventional entry doors; they’re large, strong, highly customizable, modern, and have a stunning curb appeal. They are also best for Fayetteville residents who enjoy an uninterrupted outdoor view.

#3 Sliding Doors

Sliding doors glide sideways, rather than outwards or inwards, on a sleek panel installed in Fayetteville homes. They usually encompass expansive glass walls with openings that maximize the outdoor view.


  • Sliding doors don’t require any structural support as the weight of the entry door is carried by the bottom track.
  • Sliding doors are stunning; they help save space while offering an optimal breeze flow, light, and enhanced visibility.

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