The Best French Doors for Your Home Office in Oklahoma

Despite the vaccine roll-outs, there’s a prediction that the virus is here to stay. If it does become an endemic, employers and employees would have to find a long-term arrangement for remote work (because the vaccines are not 100% successful).

After the traumatic ride that last year gave us, nobody is willing to be in a 3-ft radius of anyone with the mildest cough. That is to say social distancing has become a common etiquette. And that’s why homeowners in Oklahoma are making permanent changes to their homes to accommodate a home office.

Working from home is challenging enough. But inspiring interiors can just push you to put in the hours without sulking throughout. Here are some French doors that can push your home office from common to contemporary.

Bi-Fold French Doors

If you want one wall of your home office to be made of glass, these French doors are an excellent suggestion. The Air 4 Bi-Fold combines functionality with aesthetics in this sleek design that’s the perfect call to work. The panels fold over to open and allow the entryway to expand fully or partially, as per your need. That’s useful when you have your team visiting you at home, and you need to accommodate many people through the doors at a time.

Single Flat French Doors

The idea of a home office becomes misleading when we assume it’s only for corporate employees or businesspersons. Self-employed home-based bakers, artists, writers, poets, research scholars, and painters also need a separate workspace at home. And the home office should be designed in collaboration with their needs. If you don’t need a large conference room, you won’t need big doors either. That’s why single flat French doors are perfect for your workspace.

Double Full Arch French Doors

Arches are totems of extravagance, grandeur and sophistication. If you’re a fashion designer working from home, you’re probably conducting exhibitions at home too. You need a secluded space to host such events, a space that’s designed in the same taste that you display on hangers. Double full arch French doors are for you. The arched entrance is everything your home studio needs!

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