3 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Patio in Illinois

Your baby wailing on the top of her lungs in her seat, your toddler scribbling crayons on the newly whitewashed walls, your phone ringing, and the scones burning in the oven are enough to tip you off your usual calm. You need a timeout! That’s when you go to your patio.

It’s an escape from the busy indoor life—a recluse. And you enjoy every bit of staying there even if for a few minutes; it’s liberating, refreshing, and cathartic. That’s when you realize the importance of your patio and how it deserves some TLC for offering freedom. Here are some ideas to spruce up your patio.

Add Patio Furniture

You don’t always want to stay inside, especially when the weather is beautiful and you rarely get such days. It would be a shame if you have to stay inside because there’s nowhere to sit outside. That’s why you need patio furniture. Whether you want to add couches and a coffee table or a dining table with six chairs is your call. It depends on the size of your family and the parties you entertain at home. But don’t overcrowd the space; it should still primarily be a space to walk out for a breath of fresh air.

Minimalist Décor

If your patio receives a fair share of sunlight and offers a good view, you don’t want to ruin it with excessive furnishings. Let it be bare and beautiful. That’s what makes it most attractive. A good tip for that is to choose low-height furniture, including chairs, tables, and whatever décor you need to spruce up the place. Use small flower pots and succulents instead of large planters. Get a shade for summer days when you need a cool place to read or work on your laptop.

Add Fragrances

Now that we mentioned flowers, it would help if you chose fragrant floral décor for your patio. Scents can elevate the ambiance and offer mood benefits too. You feel more relaxed and pleasant when every breeze lifts sweet scents from the flora and delivers them to you. This goes for roses, lilacs, jasmines, lilies, and even sweet peas.

But first, get the perfect patio entrance that welcomes you into the little heaven you’re setting up just past the beautiful, bi-fold doors.

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