Renovations that Increase the Resale Value of Your Property

Selling homes is an art that very few individuals tend to perfect. A lot of effort, capital, and clever strategizing goes into making any property more marketable.

Here are a few tips from our experts:

Finish the basement

Most high-income buyers are very particular about home basements. A well-constructed basement adds to the heated square footage and pushes the house into a higher price range. Finishing the basement also helps if you don’t have enough space to add extra room to the rest of the house. A basement has great property value because it can be converted into a small studio space for artwork, a playroom for the children, or an additional play station lounge for your boys’ night-out.

Do your best to remodel it into something very versatile, functional, and doable. It also helps to add a small bathroom to make the space more livable. The key is to keep the area open and make sure it’s not entirely cramped or dark.

Create a home office


We are still living under the conditions created by the pandemic. This means that most of the workforce from around the world is still working from home. Since more and more companies are now giving their employees the option to telecommunicate, a home office adds significant value to a property. If you’ve got some extra space in the house, try turning it into a basic form of office. Just make sure there is plenty of room for a workstation, a number of grounded outlets and data ports to connect the computers, and an additional phone line. A room with a view would always be a good idea!


Enhance the curb appeal

You want to create a lasting first impression on the buyers. This is where the curb appeal comes into play. If you’ve got an entry door, replace it with a vintage, sturdy door of steel. If you have extra space in the front yard, add a patio or maybe even a deck. Work on the landscaping and get some pretty garden plantation to brighten up the space. Add lights to the walkway to illuminate it. Replace the manual garage door with a motorized one. Make sure the driveway is adequately paved.

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