Things to Do After Selling Your Home

Selling your home for the right price that suits your pricing object and is market-value compatible is no less than a feat! After you’ve closed the deal, here’s what to do next:

Hire a mover

Do your research and contact a moving company at your earliest. Just like you interview a real estate agent, it’s also essential to take your time to find the mover that you want to work with. The price of hiring a moving company largely varies and depends on the kind of services that they offer. Speak to your friends and relatives who have recently moved. Your real estate agent should also be able to guide you regarding the kind of moving service that you’d want to work for.

Moving is tough. The moving day itself can be ridiculously exhausting. Plan ahead of your time. Get a moving company on board who can also fold up and assemble the furniture for you.

Change your address

Change your address with everyone who matters. Notify the nearest post office a few weeks before you actually move. Try and make a list of all the people, organizations, and companies and notify them beforehand. Ask them to contact you via email if necessary.

Cancel your subscriptions for the gym, magazines, and any other doorstep services you previously availed of. You can also forward your magazine subscription to the new address. The same goes for your internet, telephone, and other utility services. If you’ve got some months left before the gym membership comes to an end, request a refund.

It also helps to inform the bank or get the bank account transferred to a branch near your new address.


Pass on the required information

Provide ample ownership information and paperwork to your new buyer. This isn’t a legal requirement but works as a kind gesture that will go a long way in establishing a cordial seller-buyer relationship. Pass on any appliance manuals for the ones that you’re leaving behind. If any of the appliances are still under warranty, hand over the warranty documents. Give them a list of electrical and plumbing contractors you’ve hired in the past—it may help them. Introduce them to the most reliable handyman. Your buyer will be absolutely thrilled!

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