3 Tips for Successfully Renting a Furnished Apartment

Renting offers greater flexibility, a lower risk of falling victim to the financial uncertainties of the housing market, and fewer upfront requirements. That’s why rental properties are a viable alternative for people looking to settle into an apartment that meets their needs.

Once you’ve decided whether a short term or long term rental apartment is fit for you and your family’s needs, you can think about opting for a furnished property. Fully-furnished apartments save considerable upfront costs, time, and stress of moving.

When you’ve got the appliances, furnishings, and fixtures in place already, you can forego the tedious task of packing, hefty moving fees, and frustrating assembly of each piece of furniture.

However, not all furnished apartments are created equal—especially considering everyone has unique needs. Here are our top picks for renting a furnished apartment:

The levels of furnishing

Among the different levels of furnishing available, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs. Identifying what you’re looking for before you start navigating the real estate market will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect apartment.

Most often, here are the levels of furnishing available:

  • Fully furnished
  • Semi-furnished
  • Move-in ready

Fully furnished units have a well-equipped living space, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms, while semi-furnished apartments offer greater flexibility when it comes to personalizing the space. Move-in ready units go the extra step to make the space cozy and welcoming, including bedding, toiletries, dishware, and artwork.

Depending on how hassle-free you’re looking to make the move, choosing the ideal level of furnishing for you is necessary.

Making changes

Wear-and-tear over time can leave your furniture in serious need of replacement and repairs. Of course, your landlord will make sure the furniture is in good shape when they’re looking for tenants, but you may need to make some tweaks to maximize your comfort or to suit your style.

Tenants of furnished accommodations should discuss with the landlord how they should deal with such issues beforehand. While you can switch around the layout as you please, throwing away or damaging the existing furniture can take out a hefty sum from your deposit.

A couple making changes and adding personal touches to a furnished apartment

Add personal touches

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re living in someone else’s home—but that’s what happens when you rent a furnished property sometimes!

Paying attention to the interior design elements, making rearrangements, and adding splashes of color can breathe life into a space. If you’re someone with a unique interior design aesthetic, it’d be better to opt for a semi-furnished unit that offers more flexibility.


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