A Guide For First Time Home Sellers

Preparing the property for staging, surprises popping up in inspection reports, negotiation stalemates, and buyers with mad demands— that, ladies and gentleman, is what the typical home selling process looks like. It’s a bumpy road, laced with obstacles. According to a 2019 NAR report, only 66% sellers had a satisfactory home selling experience.

Now, this statistic really doesn’t make for good viewing, right? Considering there’s so much at stake for home sellers, they deserve a satisfying experience—and this guide will help you get just that.

Time Your Home Sale

Your region’s local housing market is a significant factor in how much your property goes for and how quickly it sells. Knowing the best time to sell a house in your neighborhood and timing your listing right is, therefore, critical. In fact, selling your home at the right time can increase your profits by 75%.

Figuring out when’s the right time to sell is all about collecting and analyzing data. The factors you have to consider include the number of homes available for sale in your area, how much time it takes on average for a house to sell, and the average sales price comps are going at. This will provide you with a better idea of how to price your home and when to list it.

Solidifying Your Price

The internet is awash with online home value estimator tools. However, they’re just that: estimates. Although these tools have become more accurate with time, your asking price shouldn’t be set on an estimate.

This is where a CMA (comparative market analysis) comes in. It’s a service offered by real estate agents in which they’ll analyze raw data, such as your home’s bedroom count and square footage, round up the houses that have been recently sold in the area and compare them to your property before providing you a fair market value.

Choosing The Right Way to Sell Your Home

The conventional route of selling a house is listing it with a real estate agent. Now, while sale-through-agent is a tried and tested way of getting a good deal for a house, sometimes you just need a quick, certain transaction because of a financial hardship, divorce, job transfer, or some other life upheaval.

If time is of essence or you’re averse to the idea of opening up your home to strangers for showings, selling your home to a cash buyer is a great option.

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