How to Upgrade Your Arkansas Kitchen Pantry Doors

If you have a pantry in your home, odds are it’s one of the more neglected parts of your home. Yes, the functionality of a pantry is a priority—but that doesn’t mean you have to forego creativity and character.

Although it may seem like a minor component of the kitchen, a pantry door can substantially impact the overall appeal. Here, we’ve lined up some of the best ideas for pantry door upgrades that combine finesse and functionality for the ultimate statement.

1. Labeled Glass Pantry Door

If you’ve got a glass-paneled steel pantry door, consider adding a vintage bakery vibe to your kitchen with vinyl letters. You can choose to keep it simple and label the pantry door or add whimsical notes about your kitchen rules

2. Chalkboard Door

Love to switch things up every once in a while? Try adding some spice to the door in the form of a chalkboard door. You can choose to apply chalkboard paint or opt for removable IKEA chalk sheets for the door. Use it as a board for your grocery lists or go crazy with doodles—the canvas is all yours!

3. Sliding Barn Doors

Opt for old-school charm with the classic barn door with a sliding track on top. Steel barn doors have made a major comeback and are ideal for tucking away small storage spaces, such as the pantry or laundry room. They work great in small spaces because they require minimal clearance space and slide seamlessly along your walls.

4. Arched French Doors


Black steel doors are about as modern and sleek as it gets. However, if you want to add a touch of coziness, consider opting for arched steel doors that work beautifully in small spaces. Pairing the classic full arch with the simplicity of Crittall-style doors makes for a stunning addition to your kitchen.

5. Pocket Pantry Door

Want to make use of even the smallest smidge of space in your kitchen? Pocket steel doors are designed to slide into a compartment in the adjacent wall for maximum space utility. Plus, if you want to keep the pantry contents hidden from view, you can opt for frosted glass.

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