How to Keep Your Bakeshop Running During the Pandemic?

Are you an enthusiastic bakeshop owner who has been having trouble paying the bills because no one comes to your shop anymore? Are you struggling to keep your bakeshop afloat?

We have got some tips for you!

Work Around Your Business Model

Thanks to the lockdown restrictions and stay-at-home orders, birthdays and parties aren’t exactly a feasible idea at the moment. Individuals around the world aren’t celebrating like they used to. If you feel like your cakes aren’t exactly selling like hot cakes (pun intended), you need to shake things up a bit.

Since people are spending a great deal of time at home, why don’t you get them to start baking themselves? Does this go against your existing business model? Not really! Sell DIY baking kits and stay relevant.

Common items sold at a bakeshop.

Make it easy for your consumers to keep themselves engaged at home. Feature a new baking recipe in your kit every week so customers keep on coming back to you. Make sure you’re including all the essential supplies, pre-measured ingredients, and instructions in the kit.

Seek Help From The Internet

Just because customers aren’t exactly coming to your bakeshop doesn’t mean they don’t need cakes. Go online! Create an Instagram handle and advertise your products on the internet. Figure out the logistics and start delivering cakes to their doorsteps. Train your staff to engage in contactless delivery and payments.

At the same time, make sure you have an active online presence. Keep on reminding your target audience that you’re out there serving them and catering to their cravings. Be empathetic and be kind. Remind them that you’re all in this together.

Get a Loan

Business revenues have been considerably hurt during the pandemic. This is because many people lost their jobs, business facilities were no longer safe, and consumer spending also came down. Just because your bottom line was affected in a certain quarter doesn’t mean you won’t be churning out any profits in the future. This is where private loans come into play.

All you need to do is get in touch with a private lender like Global Capital Partners Fund LLC. They offer a number of private loan categories to help small and medium scale businesses stay afloat during times like these. Their commercial financing options include bridge financing, hard money loans, and asset-based loans. Get in touch if you’re based in Miami, FL.

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